Friday, March 14, 2008

Sharkey Denied Health Insurance

So, you know how in the story of Sharkey's birth, he was given air (via CPAP) in order to make sure that he got enough oxygen during his first moments of life? Since leaving Zen Center, Melinda and I have needed to get new health coverage, and apparently, Sharkey's treatment is considered automatic grounds for declining health insurance and we have to wait three-to-six months before we can request a review, at which time we need to prove that he's healthy. Fortunately, there is a program in California (called Major Risk Medical Insurance Program) where the state offers support to make health insurance available (at a price) for our baby. We'll be paying twice as much as we would have for him otherwise, but at least he'll have insurance and will be able to go to get well-baby check ups. ( Update: It turns out there is a waiting list, and so we're a bit stuck on this one... )

The system is broken, and I am grateful that there is some support.

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